Hunterdon's Company Field Trip to B.United International

On Monday February 28th, the Hunterdon team took a drive up to Connecticut to visit our friends at B.United International. Company founder Matthias Neidhart and Regional Sales Manager Ron Fischer were nice enough to give us a tour of their brand new facility and to show us all the uber-geeky things they are up to!

B.United's extensive portfolio consists of some of the oldest artisanal breweries from around the world. Transporting fresh beer to the US market has not always been easy for some of these small breweries. Many of them are too small to afford either the cost of kegs or the proper cleaning supplies and do not want to send poor examples of their beer to the US. Providing high quality products is of utmost importance to the folks at B.United. Their dedication to these small breweries and their passion for supplying the freshest beer has led them to take on an exciting new project that could very well modernize the way beer is transported in the future!

A large temperature-controlled beer tank, specifically designed and built for B.United, has been making its way around the world for the past year! It has been making stops at several of B.United's breweries where it is filled with fresh beer to be shipped back to the US. Each tank has four compartments allowing a brewery to ship several styles to us at one time. The tanks is regulated at 32-33 degrees, allowing the beer to arrive in the US as fresh as if it just left their holding tanks. In addition, the high volume to surface area ratio of the tank compartments eliminates the risk of oxidation and is vastly superior to that of a keg. Upon arrival at B.United's state-of-the-art facility, the beer is pumped into highly sanitized and clean kegs where it will either be shipped directly into the market or go through a secondary fermentation in their facility.

This project is fantastic in so many ways: better tasting beer, more exposure for these small breweries and it's drastically reducing our carbon footprint in the meantime! You all know how heavy a keg is. Think about how much strain a few thousand kegs shipped around the world put on planet earth! B.United has really taken things to a new level and we applaud them for all their efforts!

We were lucky enough to be there when the container arrived from Japan with a full tank of fresh Hitachino beers! Since the container has several compartments, we were able to taste the White Ale, Red Rice and Ginger straight from the tank!

We also tasted two beers from Thornbridge Hall that came in on a previous container: the Jaipur IPA and the Kipling South Pacific Ale. Unfined casks of these two beers were tapped especially for us to taste side by side with Jaipur and Kipling bottles for comparison purposes.

Click here for B.United's notes on each beer:

After our day at their facilities, B.United took us out for dinner and more beers at Cask Republic in New Haven. A great day was had by all! Thanks to Matthias, Ron and everyone at B.United for being such gracious hosts!

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