Big Texas Beer Fest A HUGE Success!

The Big Texas Beer Fest was held this past Saturday, April 14th in Dallas and was a great success!

There were over 4,000 attendees and over 400 volunteers, support staff and brewery representatives on hand to help all run smoothly. With so much support and so many great reviews, it's certain that the two areas improvement - long lines and food vendors not showing up - will not be an issue next year. Congratulations to everyone there who helped put Dallas on Beer Festival map of Texas. Watch out Austin, we're coming for you!

A list of the breweries from Ben E. Keith that participated in the festival can be found HERE.

Below are some articles written about the Big Texas Beer Festival.

Big Texas Beer Fest Ruled. Let's Do It Again Next Year, Except With Shorter Lines

"The buzz for Big Texas Beer Fest on Saturday morning was palpable miles away from Fair Park."

Big Texas Beer Fest lives up to the hype

"As periodic rolling yells erupted from the festival goers throughout the building corridor on multiple occassions, it was obvious that people were having a good time and learning about new beers. "

How Did The Big Texas Beer Fest Go This Weekend? Ask An Expert

"Big Texas Beer Fest was a smashing success..."

One rant, mostly raves: Thoughts on the Big Texas Beer Fest

"...Big Texas Beer Fest has now taken on a leadership role in the area of festival management."

FB - Big Texas Beer Fest 2012

"WOW!!..this is awesome!!!...Great job!!!..very well planned out!..This place is PACKED!!!"