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Japanese Beer Machine

Found this video on YouTube over the weekend.

I have so many questions:

  • How does the machine drop the can w/o shaking the beer too much?
  • Who are you catering to w/this, the Japanese person who’s always on the go?
  • How do you keep kids from buying beer from one of these? Is big brother watching?
  • Are there no open container laws in Japan?
  • Do any other countries have these?
  • Do Dale & the gang at Oskar Blues know about this?
  • Why would you have one of these w/o a salty snack vending machine right next to it?
  • Is big brother watching???

The list goes on and on. Please feel free to comment and enlighten me on these vending machines and the drinking habits in Japan or wherever you may be.

Speaking of drinking habits wherever you may be, the great (I’m using that term loosely) state of Utah has repealed a 40 year law that forced patrons of a bar to become members & pay a membership fee. The law was:

…created primarily to shield Mormons from alcohol while allowing drinkers to imbibe heavily taxed booze…While technically private, anyone willing to pay a membership fee costing at least $12 a year could come into a bar. Each bar required a separate membership.

Temporary memberships lasting up to three weeks were available for no less than $4, but limited the number of guests members could bring to seven. No memberships were needed to go into a bar that only served beer…

From personal experience, I can tell you how crazy this was. Wherever you went, you had to find a member willing to “sponsor” you so you could get a temporary membership. This cost you the membership fee as well as getting the sponsor’s next round.

So the next time you’re voluntarily in Utah, know that you can freely walk into a local establishment w/o the annoyance of this outdated blue law. Also remember that Las Vegas is less than a day’s drive away (get out of there...NOW).


Japanese Beer Machine

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How does a soda vending machine drop a can so that it doesn't explode when you open it? I assume the same technology is employed in both.

Who are you catering to? Probably the wino in the subway that smells too bad to be let into any respectable store.

I assume one of these must be in the Netherlands. If not, it should be - right next to the one proffering joints.

Could you buy one to use at your place of business? I could make a fortune!!

Wasabi peas, rice cracker bags, whole dried fish, seaweed covered whatever those things are - not sure how that would work in a vending machine. They would probably end up being crushed into fine, salty powder.

Do they have Big Brother in Japan?
I'm not sure how kids are kept from using the machine.

Seen it too

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I actually saw beer machines in France when I visited 5 years ago. I thought it was crazy at the time! Of course, the legal drinking age there is 16.

It's really weird to be in Japan, though, because the drinking age there is 20! It does make you wonder...

Robot Brewery

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Japanese beer - "Diet"

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I like that amid the Kirin, Sapporo, and Asahi, there is a beer that's simply called "Diet." Who brews this beer? The first light beers in the US were branded as "diet beers" - would that fly today in the US market?