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Crispin CEO Shares Recipe For Building Cider Brand -

Crispin CEO Shares Recipe For Building Cider Brand

Posted by Cydney Wuerffel on Apr 11, 2012 in Brands, Featured, Marketing Industry | 0 Comments

Ever since I first tried hard cider at a Timberwolves game four years ago, the refreshing drink has been my go-to in situations where others are sipping beer (sporting events, happy hours, summer parties, at the cabin, etc.). This is especially true during the warmer months. The arrival of spring, in my mind, signals hard cider time.

Impeared and Pressed for Cold Cider

Impeared and Pressed for Cold Cider
Almost two decades ago, I went to Yorkshire to visit a friend who adored cider. In three weeks, I estimated we had consumed over 60 pints of cider and dozens of shandy's at the pubs. I always ordered bitter shandy's, a mixture of bitter pale ale and lemonade. I took away a fondness for cider back to the States. Unfortunately, my domestic choices were not very delicious or authentic.

Review from A Perfect Pint

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A Quartet of New Ciders from Crispin

Crispin Cider Company has some interesting products in the pipeline. Four new ciders are to be released in the coming weeks, including three new pear ciders in the Fox Barrel line and a new Artisanal Reserve unfiltered apple cider from the Crispin brand.

New Crispin Artisanal Reserve Release


Minneapolis, MN, USA. July 2011

Unfiltered, Limited Release Draught Apple & Pear Ciders
Aged in Sauvignon Blanc Oak Barrels.

Strength of Character.

“If Joan of Arc had a heart,
Would she give it as a gift
To such as me who longs to see,
How a legend oughta be.”
Orchestral Maneuvers In The Dark

Inspired by the legend of Joan Of Arc, also known as The Maid of Orleans, Crispin & Fox Barrel Cider Companies present a very Limited Release pair of unfiltered draught ciders.

Review of Crispin Browns Lane

Hard Cider Review: Crispin Browns Lane Imported English Cider
Posted on June 6, 2011 by JohnAdcox| 2 Comments

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Try a pint of Crispin Browns Lane Imported English Cider

A pint of Crispin Browns Lane Imported English Cider, poured into a frosted mug.

A Review of Honey Crisp from Passion Beer


Crispin Cider, a maker of “Super-Premium Natural Hard Apple Cider” from Minnesota, were extremely gracious in getting us started in reviewing Hard Ciders by sending a care package. The first one, and very first Hard Cider review, is from their Artisanal Reserve collection labeled Honey Crisp. Their 22oz bottle is labeled as “Smooth over ice with organic honey” and stands at 6.5% ABV.

Review of Lansdowne Artisanal Reserve The Brew-Thusiast

Crispin Cider Series #3 - "Lansdowne" Artisanal Reserve
Anyone who loves fall will tell you that Apples are the perfect food to help accentuate the season. Automatically fall makes one think of apple pies, crumbles and sauce. Lest we forget, Apples make some great hard cider! This is part three of my Cider education, generously provided by Crispin Cider Co. These guys really do think outside the box. I am a proud beer advocate, but Cider is proving to be just as interesting I find as of late! So if fall gets you in the mood for apples, I suggest trying a quality hard apple cider!

"The Dogfish Head of Hard Cider" -

Published on Monday, October 25th, 2010 by Roxanne Webber / Edit Post

What Sam Calagione is to beer—maverick, experimenter, innovator—Joe Heron is becoming to hard cider. His two-year-old cider company, Crispin, makes traditional ciders (under both Crispin and Fox Barrel brands), but its Artisanal Reserve line and special releases are something truly unique. "Our job is to convince people it's not sweet beer, it's not something to drink because you don't like beer. We're saying, 'No, you like beer, try this,'" Heron says.

Aperfectpint review of 'The Jacket'

The Jacket from Crispin Cider

I met briefly with Joe Heron, CEO of Crispin Cider yesterday; always a pleasure. I was fortunate to walk away with a pre-release bottle of a new, very limited-edition, 8.3% apple wine called The Jacket. The Jacket is a blend of four apple-wines that is aged in Jack Daniels barrels. The first and second parts of the blend are the undiluted base of The Saint and Lansdowne, Crispin’s Artisanal Reserve ciders fermented with Belgian ale yeast and Irish ale yeast respectively. The remaining portions are a Colfax varietal apple-wine and a wild-fermented apple-wine.

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