Brand - Baladin
Birrificio Le Baladin
Artisanal Craft Ales from an Italian Village
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Our search for the world’s most unique beers has brought us to Piozzo, right outside of Torino, Italy. In this village of 1,000 inhabitants, directly across from the town hall, lies Le Baladin, an extremely unusual brewpub and microbrewery. “Baladin” is a French term referring to a “traveling minstrel.” The owner, Teo Musso, thought that this would be a fitting name for his brewery as the townspeople are known for moving around, especially between Italy and France. Upon visiting the brewery and meeting Teo, one finds that he is a very entertaining minstrel and has, thus, chosen the perfect name for his place.

Teo studied at some of the best small breweries throughout Europe in order to learn his craft. He has worked most closely with another eccentric B. United International supplier, Jean-Louis Dits of Brasserie a Vapeur. Like Jean-Louis, Teo loves experimentation and never works by the books.

Brewery Pictures:


Piazza V Luglio 15
Piozzo 12060
Phone: 0173 737089 - 0173778013
Fax: 0173 590358 - 0173778935
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