Brand - Clausthaler
Binding-Brauerei AG
A Brew Conquers the World
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Radeberger Gruppe

A premium brew, Clausthaler is one of an elite group of the best beers and brews in Germany.
Clausthaler's success is its taste. Quality conscious brewing in strict accordance with the German Purity Law of 1516 guarantees highest product quality and unmatched taste stability.

Highest quality is never a fluke: The expertise of our brewmasters, best quality ingredients, and more than 100,000 quality control measures each year guarantee that Clausthaler always embarks on its travels around the globe with the same time-tested excellent quality.

A major reason for this outstanding product quality is the unique, patented, Clausthaler brewing process that was developed as a result of many years of research and experimental trials. The ingenious fundamental concept is not to remove the alcohol from conventional beer but rather to prevent the formation of alcohol in the first place. How that works is, of course, our brewmaster's best kept secret.

To ensure that our high quality standards are maintained, Clausthaler is brewed exclusively in the Binding Brewery in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

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Darmstädter Landstraße 185
Frankfurt am Main 60598
Phone: 069 - 60 65 0
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