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Julian Hard Cider
American to the Core
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Since the first American settlers arrived to our country over 300 years ago until prohibition in the 1920′s, hard cider was the original drinking man’s beverage on the farm, in the factories and through our coastal shipyards.

Located in the frontier gold mining town of Julian, California, our growing company continues the American tradition of handcrafted, quality hard cider production using the finest ingredients, painstaking attention to detail and good old fashioned hard work.

One taste of our premium hard cider and you will experience why Julian Hard Cider is “American to the Core”.

The Julian Hard Cider recipe originates from 1670 colonial America and is comparable to the finest British ciders. Unlike many “impostor” hard ciders on the market, it is easy to have more than one pint of Julian Hard Cider as we do not use concentrated apple Juice or additives which leave the drinker with a lingering sugary film and after-taste.

Why is Julian Hard Cider the choice of true cider lovers? We have only one ingredient… the freshest apples in the world! Our cider is lightly carbonated with tartness, acidity and a clean dry finish, enabling it to stand firmly on its own or compliment your favorite meal.

At Julian Hard Cider, we invite EVERYONE to put our hard cider alongside the best in the world, as we painstakingly strive to build our fan base one drinker at a time.

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4468 Highway 78
Julian, CA 92036
United States
Phone: 760-764-2500
Fax: 619-374-2390
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