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Until recent times Ireland has generally lacked variety and choice in the area of locally produced premium quality beers. Up until the early 1900’s regional breweries were plentiful throughout Ireland offering a variety of beers and ales, each unique in its own right. Since the early 1900’s the Irish beer industry has been dominated for the most part by the large international mass-produced beer brands. Against this backdrop and a desire to provide the beer consuming public with premium-crafted alternatives we established a craft brewing facility in Kinsale.

We chose Kinsale for its uniqueness. In addition to its natural beauty and rich history Kinsale has a strong brewing tradition dating back to the 1700’s. Due to its location on the western edge of Europe, Kinsale became the last port of call for many travelers and explorers to the “new world”. The fusion of these diverse influences has given Kinsale a colorful and cosmopolitan past. Not surprisingly taverns and brew houses have always been a feature of the town, designed to sustain and entertain a myriad of international travelers, traders, mariners and pirates who croweded the harbour and the town in ages past.

Against this historical backdrop we considered ourselves extremely fortunate and felt that faith had somehow intervened when we discovered the crumbling remains of a three hundred year old brewery right in the center of Kinsale town. We acquired the site and began the process of reviving a brewing tradition that had been lost to the town for over 100 years.

Our mission at Kinsale Brewing Company is to provide our customers and visitors with a range of premium quality naturally produced beers. Our beer is carefully nurtured through the brewing process thereby ensuring that each and every batch meets the high performance standards set and monitored by our Master Brewer. Our priority is freshness and flavor. We do not use chemicals, preservatives or any other additives.

We welcome you to our web site and invite you to visit our brewery. Experience the brewing tradition and enjoy a memorable pint of our Kinsale beer.

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