Stawski Distributing

Stawski Distributing

Stawski Distributing imports ten different vodkas from Poland (where vodka was born) including the most popular vodka in Poland, "Zytnia®". The company also imports vodka from Lithuania and Russia. In addition, Stawski imports Zipfer and Edelweiss beers from Austria; Bulgarian wines, vermouths; Slovenian mineral water, Croatian liqueurs, Turkish and Polish Honey Wines.
Then, there are beers, which make up to 80 percent of Stawski's sales. There are the staple Polish beers such as STAWSKI BEER, Perla, and Lomza.

Stawski now imports Kalnapilis, an excellent, award winner Lithuanian beer and Slovakia's wonderful Golden Pheasant®, Austrian Zipfer and latest addistion - Estonian Saku, Mexican Rio Bravo

Nina Engel credits the company's success to her father's willingness to import new products. She points out Stawski was first to distribute beers such as Mousey from Switzerland, McEwan's and Tenants from the United Kingdom and Broken Hill from Australia before the imported beer trend began.

And while concentrating on Central European products, Stawski is not afraid to take on niche products from other regions, such as the Indian beers Golden Eagle, Flying Horse and Taj Mahal. One coup for Stawski was winning the rights to Singha, a beer from Thailand, which is generally the only beer sold in most Chicago Thai restaurants.

Stawski plans to continue introducing new beers, wines and spirits from around the world.


2017 N. Mendell St.
Chicago, IL 60614
United States
Phone: 773.278.4848
Fax: 773.278.5206
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