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Warsteiner Brauerei
Eine Königin Unter Den Bieren


From regional beers to the top pilsner-style beer with an international reputation - the story of Warsteiner beer was and is still being written by the Cramer family in Warstein. The name Cramer family began making brewing history in 1753, when the farmer Antonius Cramer first had to pay a beer tax of one reichstaler and 19 florins for his self-brewed and marketed beer. His son Johannes Vitus followed in his footsteps and continued serving self-brewed beer in his residence in the heart of Warstein. His business profited from its central location. But in 1802 a devastating fire reduced the town of Warstein to rubble - the house of the Cramers also fell victim to the flames. The family rebuilt their house both as guest lodging and home brewery, and when St. Pancratius Church was built, it became the center of town. This original house of the Warsteiner Brewery, the Domschanke, is still standing today in the historic center of the city of Warstein.

By building his brewery, Johannes Vitus Cramer created the basis for a thriving family business. Management of the Warsteiner Brewery was and is still passed on from one generation to the next - it has remained in family hands since 1753. The sons of Johannes Vitus, Albert und August, took over control of the brewery in 1823. They also pushed to operate the Warsteiner Brewery in a more professional manner. Albert and August acquired knowledge of the latest advances in chemistry and brewing technology at the brewer school in Worms and put it to work in expanding the brewery. In 1898 the brothers purchased a steam engine and had the Warsteiner Brewery entered in the register of companies at the Warstein district court.

Today, more than 250 years after the brewery was founded, the tranquil town of Warstein in the heart of the Sauerland region is the home of a great beer that people drink all over the world. It's possible to drink Warsteiner Premium Verum in more than 60 different countries world-wide. The Cramer family has succeeded in turning a regional beer into a top pilsner-style beer known throughout the world. The tradition continues: Since 2006, Catharina Cramer, the youngest daughter of brewery owner Albert Cramer, has assumed responsibility on the management board of the Warsteiner Group. As the first woman in the company's history, she now guides the fortunes of the premium product together with her father and the managing directors Peter Himmelsbach and Stephan Fahrig.



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