Education is paramount in truly understanding the often subtle nuances of what makes beer so intriguing. Delve into the education portion of our website to take your first step toward becoming an authority on all aspects of the beer world.


Created by beer educators Eric McKay of L. Knife & Son and Sam Merritt of Civilization of Beer, the GBT is offered exclusively online by This challenging 20-question quiz covers the history of beer, the brewing process, beer styles, brewing anomalies, and some miscellaneous topics. Questions are randomly drawn from an ever growing bank of potential queries, so come back and take the test again for an entirely new experience. Would you prefer a more in-depth test? If so, challenge yourself with the GBT 100, a 100-question version of the Great Beer Test.

Did you score lower than expected? Spend some time in each of the following education modules and you will achieve the rank of beer authority before you know it.

Beer Defined

Next to water, beer is the most widely consumed beverage on the planet. But what exactly is beer, anyway? This page breaks down the ingredients of beer and their impact on the finished product, and provides a great video overview of the subject of beer.

Beer Glossary

Does it ever seem like "beer geeks" speak an entirely different language? Make some sense of the verbiage used in discussing beer in the beer glossary.

Beer History

Often credited for being the cause of civilization itself, beer has an extremely rich and vibrant history on a global scale. Learn more about the history of beer and brewing with a timeline of important dates in the evolution of beer, and watch an excellent documentary on the subject created by the History Channel.

Beer Profit Calculators

Do you manage a bar, restaurant, or beer store and have a need for a simple tool to calculate margins, retail pricing, and long term profit potential? Look no further. Designed for both draft beer and packaged beer, this tool makes calculating profits a snap.

Beer Styles

With a huge array of production methods and ingredients, beer is likely the most diverse beverage on earth, with thousands of unique variations brewed worldwide. Visit this page to discover the fascinating world of beer styles, and to learn about the historical origin, recommended glassware, and suggested food pairings for each one.

Beer Tasting Method

You mean there's a method to drinking beer? While most people don't exert themselves mentally when tasting beer, one can achieve a whole new level of enjoyment and appreciation for the product in the glass by thoroughly engaging his or her senses.

Beer and Food

With a huge range of flavor and aroma characteristics and sparkling carbonation to cleanse the palate, beer is perhaps the finest accompaniment to food. But how do you select the right beer to pair with each dish? Enter the Beer and Food module to learn how to enhance your enjoyment of great food with excellent beer.

Brewing Anomalies

Ever had a beer that tasted a little funky? It could have been due to improper storage, age, exposure to certain harmful elements, or a production error. This helpful chart will assist you in diagnosing the flaws in beer, and will suggest potential solutions.

Brewing Process

Want to know how beer is produced? A five minute video overview of two homebrewers at work and a list of each step helps build an understanding of this complex process.

Draft Beer Troubleshooting

Not much beats the taste of fresh draft beer, but its frustrating when you can't get it to pour properly. This helpful chart outlines some of the common causes of draft beer pouring problems and offers possible solutions to each one.