GBT - Great Beer Test

Created by beer educators Eric McKay of L. Knife & Son and Sam Merritt of Civilization of Beer, the GBT is offered exclusively online by This challenging 20-question quiz covers the history of beer, the brewing process, beer styles, brewing anomalies, and some miscellaneous topics. Questions are randomly drawn from an ever growing bank of potential queries, so come back and take the test again for an entirely new experience.

If you're looking for someplace to start learning about beer, check out the Education section of Study hard, and you will surely achieve the rank of "Beer Authority!"

When you complete the test, be sure to review the explanations for all of the answers you got wrong - this is the best way to learn. Good luck!

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Would you prefer a more in-depth test? If so, challenge yourself with the GBT 100, a 100-question version of the Great Beer Test.


Review Your Results

One great way to improve your beer IQ is to review your GBT results. Upon completion of your test, take a few minutes to read the explanation for each question, particularly those that you answered incorrectly.

Achieve a Higher Ranking

Each time you take the GBT, you should learn something more about beer. As your score improves, you will achieve a higher ranking. The ranking assigned to each score is outlined below.

  • 100: Beer Authority
  • 90 - 99: Beer Aficionado
  • 80 - 89: Beer Scholar
  • 70 - 79: Beer Enthusiast
  • 60 - 69: Beer Student
  • 50 - 59: Beer Amateur
  • 0 - 49: Beer Neophyte

One of the best ways to learn more about beer is by exploring the Education section of Study hard, take several practice tests, visit a brewery, try a variety of beers, and you will surely achieve the rank of "Beer Authority."