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8775 Centre Park Drive PMB 261
Columbia, MD 21045
Phone: 800-700-4253
Fax: 410-465-1197
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Phoenix Imports is dedicated to providing beer enthusiasts with the highest quality beers imported from the traditional brewing centers of Europe and Britain. We believe you will find the beers in our portfolio among the very best in their styles. From delicate to robust, these distinctive beers offer an intriguing variety of flavor, aroma, and character. Several, like Thomas Hardy’s Ale, are worthy of cellaring like fine wine.

If you’re new to the world of these uncommon, but classic beer styles, we hope you will approach them with an open mind and palate. Some of them may not appeal to your personal "taste," but all of them are worth sampling if you’re seeking good beer. We trust you are, like us, because without good beer and good food, there is no good life!

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