Ace Cider Fermented Berry Cider

Product - Ace Cider Berry Cider
Brewed By: 
Ace Cider
Self-Defined Style: 
Berry Cider
Strength (ABV): 
5.0% ABV

Ace Berry Cider is our newest premium fermented cider made in the heart of Sonoma County's apple orchards in beautiful Sebastopol, California.

Ace Berry is a mixture of raspberry, blackberry and strawberry juice added into our fermented apple cider. The resulting cider has a delicious fresh fruity taste.

Ace is extremely refreshing, lightly carbonated and a healthy, exhilarating alternative to the heaviness of beer or the high alcohol content of wine.

Ace Berry Cider is our fourth Ace, (we had to have 4 Aces!) and is already one of our most popular ciders. Ace Cider is gluten free. Enjoy!

Special Attributes: 
Gluten-Free Beer
4/6pk/12 oz. Bottles