Birrificio del Ducato Chimera

Product - Birrificio del Ducato Chimera
Brewed By: 
Self-Defined Style: 
Belgian Dark Strong Ale
Strength (ABV): 
8.0% ABV

“A top fermenting beer, bottle/keg conditioned, with the color of a monk’ outfit. It presents itself to the nose with aromas of caramal and fruit pickled in alcohol {cherry & prune} as well as a light roasting. In the mouth it expresses warmth & complexity but reveals an unexpectedly dry finish.

This ale is our unattainable dream , the comparison we have always sought, which we may never find.
An Ale dedicated to all those who still long to dream and will never stop seeking the happiness they deserve.”

-Giovanni Campari, Brewmaster Birrificio del Ducato.

Best With: 
Generally speaking, Belgian ale is a gastronomic miracle. The delicate spicy and fruity nature of these ales, accentuated by the distinctive Belgian yeast strains, pairs beautifully with lamb, mussels, and semi-soft cheeses such as gouda, havarti, and tilsit.
Special Attributes: 
Big Beer (+8.0% ABV)
European 30 Liter
European 20 Liter
Keg Connection: 
European Sankey