Left Hand Polestar Pilsner

Brewed By: 
Left Hand Brewing
Self-Defined Style: 
Pilsner Lager
Strength (ABV): 
5.5% ABV
Color (SRM): 
4º L
Bitterness (IBU): 
33 IBU

A brilliant, refreshing lager; hand-crafted using traditional methods and ingredients. A zesty, German-style pilsner with a dry, crisp finish.

Best With: 
Great with spicy, strong flavored food, as well as dishes with lots of fresh herbs or garlic.
GABF Gold (1998), "By bar one of the best and most drinkable lagers in the US today" Beer Advocate
4/6pk/12 oz. Bottles
Domestic 1/2 Barrel - 15.5 Gal.
Keg Connection: 
American Sankey


Nice Pilz

tbrads70's picture

This craft pilz can hang in the summer like Jeff Spicoli. Flavorful yet a light mouthfeel. Personally for my taste, a perfect balance of a touch of North American hops with the normal crisp nature of a German pilz. Great session beer. Bring some Old Bay seasoned shrimp or chicken and two sixers for yourself and have a great afternoon.

smooth session

CT Kerrville's picture

Appearance:straw color

Aroma:light hint of malt sweetness

Flavor: very light

Mouthfeel: crisp and dry

Overall Impression: It was okay...I would slam a sixer!!!

it is a smooth introduction to a crafty beer. a little bit more malt than your average Macro beer. I usually like a more hoppy beer, but i would try again!!