Newcastle Brown Ale

Product - Newcastle
Brewed By: 
Self-Defined Style: 
Brown Ale
Strength (ABV): 
4.7% ABV

With a modest, off-white head, Newcastle pours a deep chestnut color, and displays brilliant clarity. The flavor offers substantial maltiness and very subtle hop bitterness for balance. Newcastle Brown Ale was first brewed in 1927 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, by Jim Porter after three years of development.

Best With: 
The subtle malty sweetness of this brown ale bring out the flavors of barbecue (particularly with tomato and honey based sauces) phenomenally well. Also excellent with grilled meats, such as ribs or sausage.
4/6pk/12 oz. Bottles
12pk/12 oz. Bottles
European 50 Liter - 13.2 Gal.



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A very pleasant brownish amber color. The smell is between malt and hops. When it hits the palate it is quite malty but the hops burst through with a very smooth almost silky taste and then i goes down with a note of sweetness and the after taste is just as good as the beer. An additional note! The bottle says drinl cool. So enjoy this beer cool NOT cold. I believe this beer has a much more robust flavor when it is cool rather than cold moving toward room temperature. Goes very well with chicken. I do not prefer it with beef because I feel it ruins the full tasting experience.

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Overall pleasant flavor. Slightly sweet malt flavor with hop flavor arriving at the end

Newcastle brown ale

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the one and only for me.