BeerCloud Mobile App

September 2010 Update: BeerCloud 2.0 is now available for Android. See more here. Launches BeerCloud Mobile App for Android

Powered by, BeerCloud is a revolutionary mobile app that helps you pair beer with food, track down your favorite beers in your neighborhood, and pull up a full description of any beer with a scan of its barcode. Whether you're a beer consumer who could use some guidance in making a well-educated purchase, a food lover who wants to discover new ways to enhance a meal with a suitable beer pairing, or a traveling beer enthusiast who wants to instantly map the closest stores, bars, and restaurants carrying one of your favorite beers, BeerCloud is the quintessential mobile beer app. If you are using an Android device, click here to install BeerCloud.

Today’s beer drinkers have access to a far greater variety of beer than ever before, but with thousands of unique offerings representing more than 140 distinct styles, consumers can easily get overwhelmed. According to Eric McKay, the creator of, "BeerCloud simplifies the process of learning about beer at the point of purchase, choosing the perfect beer to pair with a specific food, and mapping the closest bars, restaurants, and stores that currently offer one’s favorite beers."

Lead developer Sheng Wang explains that "this new software integrates the rich functionality and features of Drupal, the open source platform used to create, with Android, the open source platform used to create BeerCloud." The joint utilization of powerful features including GPS, a barcode scanner, and user generated content make BeerCloud a first for the beer, wine, and spirits industry. With the host of powerful features outlined below, BeerCloud may change the way you shop for beer forever!

Get BeerCloud on your Android Device

From your Android device, click the Android Market icon below or navigate to the Android Market and search "BeerCloud."

Beer Barcode Scanner/Product Descriptions

  • Scan a beer's barcode with your phone's built-in camera to see a thorough product description
  • Search's database of more than 2,800 beers by brewer or beer name
  • Descriptions display product image, style, taste profile, food pairing, strength (ABV), color (SRM), and bitterness (IBU)
  • View any brewer page for a brief description and a list of beers they produce

BeerCloud uses open source project ZXing for bar code scanning.

GPS Beer Finder

  • Track down a beer in your neighborhood with your phone's built-in GPS*
  • Search includes beer offerings at more than 40,000 bars, restaurants, and stores
  • Distance appears next to each retailer - click a retailer to map or get directions
  • Beer Finder data perpetually updated with shipments from local wholesalers

*Location services limited to states covered by the Beer Finder with more territories coming in near future

Beer Sommelier

  • Recommends complementary beer style accompaniments for more than 250 foods
  • Select main ingredient, then select dish and see recommended style pairings
  • Clicking a specific style reveals commercial examples of that style

Learn more about the Beer Sommelier


  • Jingsheng Wang, the lead developer of and BeerCloud, is an open-source purist and an Android fanatic who takes a fresh approach to software engineering.
  • Eric McKay, creator of, is a self-professed beer geek who is dedicated to helping the world discover great beer.
  • Tom Byrne,'s lead graphic designer celebrates two of his passions, art and great beer, by designing great beer art.

Features Coming in the Next Release

  • Tag favorite beers, brewers, and places to buy beer
  • "Favorites Map" - maps the 25 closest bars, restaurants, and stores carrying any of your favorite beers
  • Write, save, and share tasting notes on any beer
  • Seamless integration with account

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HTC Flyer, Android 2.3.3 and location service issues

lbusch1313's picture

Nice app. Just installed it on my HTC Flyer.. it can't seem to locate me though. Several other apps location services seem broken in Gingerbread. Hope to see it fixed but that on't stop me from using it.


verbaz's picture

Where does all of this information come from? BeerCloud is based on the idea of cloud computing which means the information comes from several sources and is aggregated into one place. collects their information from beer wholesalers, brewers, retailers, and consumers to create the ultimate interactive beer tool.

Cool. I just had my first

sam_wilkent's picture

Cool. I just had my first Android phone and I am gonna try this app.

Wow! This is a very nice app.

Zyrah's picture

Wow! This is a very nice app. I can't wait to try this one. Is this only for Android phones?

Zyrah of

This is a really a great app

stephen hernandez's picture

This is a really a great app for beer lovers and foodies like me. Beer is something without which i cannot imagine my life. Because of my travelling job, i always have to travel and many time it happens i couldn't find my favorite beer brands. I think beercloud can show me where can i find any particular brand. I think i will have to go for latest cell phone with android. Let's get technology and food habits better with BeerCloud. Amazing app!.

well i heared about the same

logiti's picture

well i heared about the same thing in iphone but i dont have proovlink!use google!about this apps!the best is GPS beer!very comfortable to use!

No Results

BoiledMouse's picture

I want this app to work so much but every time I search for a beer or brewer I get "No results for *whatever beer*. Sorry did not find the beer information you requested"

I've tried a load of different beers and brewers and get the same result for everything. I've checked and the beers are listed on the website database.

I'm using an HTC Desire

Any suggestions on how to fix this? Or is there more information I can provide to help fix it?

Beer Catalog App

TC The Beerbassador's picture

It would be very nice to be able to leverage your database to catalog personal beer stash. It would be even nicer if that was built in to your app.

Great advice for more

davidj's picture

Great advice for more ambitious beer drinkers who like to make their own brews!
Is it real?
Anyway I think any beer-loving Android user would like it and actually use it.


We were eating a Bratwurst

ash110's picture

We were eating a Bratwurst and he pondered the correct type of beer to drink with it and I was like BEER CLOUD!!!!!

process crashing

atldjrob's picture

Does anyone else have issues with the BeerCloud process stopping unexpectedly on an Android device? Its the only app that does that on my Droid, and I love the program.

Hi, I noted my bar code

verbaz's picture

Hi, I noted my bar code scanned bottle of Southern Tier Pumking shows up as their Cherry Saison, any chance you can get back to me when you will be updating that?

Website: Email Extractor

No Need For Update: it's a Seasonal Beer

rich thatcher's picture

I would suggest doing nothing with it as both Southern Tier's Cherry Saison and Pumking are seasonal beers and are released at different times. It is common in USA retail/wholesale stores to see beers of the same brewery sharing UPC codes under the conditions of seasonal and different release dates.

If it is something having to do with retailing the bottles, see if your retail machine or computer will accept a matrix style option for the check out procedure, so that the clerk/manager can make the visible selection.

I hope that helps.

Rich Thatcher

could you provide more information?

skyred's picture

BeerCloud on android force closes when where is no internet connection for most features. Are there certain steps that will replicate the error? Also please let me know what version are you running? Could you try to reinstall beercloud see if it solves the problem

I've uninstalled and

atldjrob's picture

I've uninstalled and reinstalled it, now it only crashes when clicking items, one for sure is under the sommelier - Chocolate cake...That one crashes immediately when I press it. I have internet at all times whether it be via 3G or wifi ( usually wifi ). The application info says i'm running version 8. I have a Motorola Droid running Android kernel 2.6.9-omap1-g7fa98788android-build@apa26 #1

Chocolate cake immediately brings up " Sorry! The application BeerCloud (process com.beercloud) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again

I was doing a demo for people at my choice watering hole here in GA They have approx 100 beers on tap.

Thank you very much for

skyred's picture

Thank you very much for reporting the issue. It is a bug, which is irrelvant to the internet connection and Android versions. we will fix it and release the BeerCloud 2.0 in a month.

Yes, where is V.2?

jhenry's picture

I eagerly await it!

App suggestion

jhenry's picture

So I would like to be able to make a WISHLIST of beers I want to try, and have the app notify me when I am near a bar/store that has a beer from my list.

Also, the barcodes are never up to date even for beers in the system: very frustrating.

Testing V.2

eric.mckay's picture

We're currently testing Version 2.0 on Android - it's going to be a pretty significant upgrade where we've implemented tons of new features requested by our users. Hopefully we'll have a formal roll out in the Android market in the next 30 days, at which time, our BeerCloud 2.0 development for iPhone 4/iPad will be underway.

It's definitely an exciting time to be a beer enthusiast with a smartphone!

that's great!

stephen hernandez's picture

that's great!

BeerCloud 2.0

jhenry's picture

Aaaaaaa! 30 days (20 more from now)! I am so impatient. I know it will be worth the wait though, and then I can finally free up some space on my phone when I can remove some of the other Beer related apps that have similar features, but aren't quite cutting the mustard, already.

Web OS

robertocaffe's picture

With the oncoming popularity of and availibility on all 3 major carriers (Sprint, Verizon, and AT&T) you need to develop the Beer Cloud app for Web OS!

Version 2.0

Arpithicus's picture

I can't wait for 2.0, I created my account in anticipation of being able to make tasting notes for all the fantastic beers I try. This app rocks, I sold a friend on Android OS just the other day while tail gating at the Mets Game strictly by using this app. We were eating a Bratwurst and he pondered the correct type of beer to drink with it and I was like BEER CLOUD!!!!!

mobile Software Testing process

anuj's picture

While mobile phones can have a great impact on the lives of rural people in least developed countries (LDCs) especially grassroots ICT initiatives can fill the void that large mobile phone companies cannot.

Beer Cloud ap for Blackberry?

Andy Baker's picture

Looking forward to the release of this application for Blackberry. Any update on a release date?

berry app

dannybeers's picture

I also want it for my bberry. Sorta upset. Close to pissed. You really designed it for a droid before berry? Am I making an ass of myself? Is it out here? Let me know...

For me as a huge beer lover

BenT's picture

For me as a huge beer lover this app is like something unbelievable. I am working in the mobile app development for many years, but I have never come up with such an original idea: to make an application related to beer. I will definitely download it right now and try it out. Thanks for developing this stuff guys. I will be waiting for more great news from you in the nearest future.


Ben Taylor from mobile application development

The mobile email app is a

punkme's picture

The mobile email app is a great addition and everyone love it.

Best Regards,
Josh - The best email extractor 1.4

My Droid arrives this week...

Patrick Boegel's picture

I am absolutely stoked to grab and play with this application immediately.

Sounds COOL!

Thirsty Brewmaster's picture

Here is another GREAT reason I need to get an Android phone. I've used a Palm for 10 years, it will be tough to giveup, but great apps like this are making it easier!

Open Source technology rules anyway! Kudos to you making this great app on Android!

Updating Database for Android App'

fruittrees's picture

I noted my bar code scanned bottle of Southern Tier Pumking shows up as their Cherry Saison, any chance you can get back to me when you will be updating that?


Android Cell Phone Beer Barcode Scanner

eric.mckay's picture

Hi FT,

Thanks for the heads up. First, I'm happy to hear people are using the BeerCloud barcode scanner for Android! The team here at Great Brewers is really proud that we could be the first to provide barcode scanning capabilities on mobile phones for beer (or any alcoholic beverage for that matter). We just did a major update with about 4,000 new UPC codes (more than 12,000 total), which should improve reliability, and we are putting significant resources toward making our database as seamless as possible.

We've found that beer UPC's can be tricky. Nearly all of the products in our database have multiple UPC codes (i.e. bottle, six-pack, 12-pack, case, large format bottle, can, large format can, etc.), and some have dozens for all the package variations. This represents the typical case of multiple UPC to one product. On occasion, however, we run into the case of multiple products to one UPC. This is done to simplify things at retailers that carry a wide range of seasonals so that when 22 oz. bottles of Southern Tier Imperial Cherry Saison run out of stock, they can be easily replaced by 22 oz. bottles of Southern Tier Pumpking without having to update their computer system. Both products are priced identically and will likely ring up as "Southern Tier 22 oz. Seasonal" or something to that effect. I'm not exactly sure yet how we will approach this anomaly, but I'm confident we'll find a solution.

In any event, there are still some holes in the database that we are constantly working to patch. We are extremely grateful for any feedback we get from the people who are using our services, as this is the best way to improve on them. Please keep the input coming!



Mobile Beer Cloud App

Clara.Ingram's picture

Does this work with the iphone? What mobile devices will this work with and where do I go to download the application if I have an iphone?

Me too - I want the iPhone App

Michael.Brophy's picture

Can't wait . . . Starting count down 30 - 29 -

BeerCloud on iPhone?

eric.mckay's picture

As of right now, BeerCloud is only available for Android phones. To download to an Android phone, go to the App Market and search "BeerCloud."

An iPhone version of BeerCloud is currently under development and should be available in the next 30 days. It will be available in the App Store, and we'll make an announcement on By the end of 2009, we also hope to have a web based version of BeerCloud for all other mobile devices, including Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile OS devices.

Ultimately, all mobile versions of BeerCloud will integrate with each user's account on, so if you haven't done so yet, start adding favorites to your My BeerCloud page.

As always, feedback of any kind is greatly appreciated!!

app for android phone

lorifelps's picture

I just got the galaxy s fascinate is the app available for this phone. Also I live in Portland which has some great breweries which I love.

BeerCloud on iPhone?

Jim Javenkoski's picture

Hi, Eric:

I just searched the iPhone App Store and didn't find BeerCloud. Do you have an updated release date for the iPhone version of the app? Thanks.


BeerCloud for iPhone - coming iminently...

eric.mckay's picture

For all of you who have been waiting with bated breath, the BeerCloud app has been submitted and we are currently waiting for Apple's approval. We hope to have it available for the iPhone toting beer lovers of the world in the very near future.


Scanner on iPhone app

jaybles's picture

Can you not currently take a photo of the UPC? Will that soon be a feature?

iPhone App

beernwngs's picture

I just downloaded my Beer Cloud App for my i Phone!! I just found it today. Very cool!!!

business expansion

john55's picture

Nice information...can you tell me is there any software or suites which is used to develop mobile applications?

BeerCloud - coming to iPhone in October

eric.mckay's picture

I can't offer a specific date just yet, but I'm confident that BeerCloud for iPhone will be available before the end of October. We'll be sure to make an announcement as soon as the app is available for download from the App Store.


iphone... what about others?

oneformula's picture

palm pre? windows mobile? don't leave me out!

BeerCloud for more devices

eric.mckay's picture

As we grow, we will definitely work to cater to more mobile device users. At present, our focus is on iPhone and Android. However, our next step will likely be the creation of a BeerCloud mobile web app, which can be accessed from any mobile device with a web browser (Blackberry, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile, etc.). Please keep the feedback coming - if we feel that there is a definite need for more device specific apps, we'll certainly look into providing them for you!


SCStrat's picture

I am so happy that this app is on android. I always here about these cool iphone apps, but I don't have an iphone. So I am happy.

Very nice app

allie0's picture

BeerCloud is really awesome. I had this app on my iPhone until I lost my phone last month. Now I am using HTC Android phone and so happy to find this app on Android too. Regards, Allie